Learn how to tackle 9 top DIY home repairs and save yourself money!
These most needed repair tips will help you fix the most common issues in any home. Quickly. Inexpensively. Easily. Yourself!! 

Turn off water valves in case of water leaks

This could be the most important of our 9 top DIY home repairs. A plumbing leak can cause major damage and cost a small fortune.

Every occupant in the house should know where the water valves are located, and how to turn them off. There's a MAIN VALVE for the house. And there are also valves at every water source: behind toilets, under sinks.

Knowing where each of these is, and knowing how to turn it off quickly (and it's easy too!) can possibly save major damage to your home in event of a leak. Even a very minor leak can cause severe, costly damage. Show everyone where these valves are, and practice turning them off and on.

Fix sticky (or stuck) windows and creaky doors

When you don't open and close windows, they get stuck. It's a law of nature. Similarly, doors will always eventually creak. Closet bi-fold doors may be hard to open or close. All very normal and expected things that happen in a home. But instead of becoming used to these issues and living with them like they are, just fix them! It may be SO very easy, you'll give yourself a high five when you're done. This is the EASIEST AND CHEAPEST of our 9 top DIY home repairs.

Two easy tips to help solve the problem:
1) Remove any old paint. It's common. Years of paint or dust or moisture within either of those builds up. Take a utility knife or even a paint scraper, and scrape excess off. Be careful not to cause holes or scratches.

2) Spray a lubricant like WD-40 along the hinges, slides, edges. You can find these blue bottles with the tiny plastic straws in most hardware, Ace, Home Depot, Lowes, Walmart stores, and they are very inexpensive. Use this to unstick windows, quiet creaks, and make a sluggish window open effortlessly

AC not cooling, temperature wrong on thermostat etc

9 top DIY Home Repair Tips: Change AC filter every month to avoid costly repair bills

If your thermostat is DIGITAL... it uses a battery!!!! Our MOST COMMON AC repair request is when a tenant says their AC is broken. The conversation goes like this:

Us: what are the symptoms you are experiencing, that you think the AC is broken?
Tenant: it's not cooling
Us: is the AC blowing any air?
Tenant: yes, but it isn't cold air
Us: what does the temperate say on your thermostat?
Tenant: it says 78 degrees, but I keep trying to turn it to 74 degrees. It's definitely not 74 degrees in here, it's too hot.
Us: have you tried replacing the battery in your thermostat?
Tenant: there's a battery?

New battery. Cool air again.

Another common and more serious issues is when a tenant doesn't change the AC filter every month. Once dust, dirt, etc accumulates in the filter (and thus, the coil) there is limited ability for air flow to go through the system properly. This can cause the unit to freeze up, or leak. It will stop cooling.

The MOST important thing you can do for your AC is ALWAYS keep your AC filter clean!  Air must be able to pass through the filter easily. Once it gets clogged, the AC can freeze up or stop cooling completely. Not keeping the filter clean significantly reduces the life of the AC unit and creates a lot more repair costs over the years.

This photo to the right is a washable AC filter that was never washed. It was completely clogged with dust, etc.  In this condition, no air can flow through to the system causing a freeze up and iced coils. An AC repair tech will typically charge $125 or more to get your AC cooling again after this happens.

Fix a Leaky Toilet

This top DIY home repair could possible save you over $100 or more!! Running toilets are an inevitable part of life. It's eventually going to happen. Why? The inner-workings of the toilet tank (top part with the CLEAN water) get old and need to be replaced. Did you know? Calling a plumber will cost more than $100. Know how much you can repair this for? Usually UNDER $10!!!

There are a bunch of easy things to look at in the tank. Maybe the chain is too long and getting stuck under the rubber valve when it closes, causing the water to continue running/filling. That'll waste many gallons of water every day until you fix it. And it may be SO EASY to fix!

Chances are it's just the flapper that needs to be replaced. There are inexpensive kits that contain everything you need, easily found at Home Depot, Lowes, Walmart, ACE, etc. Solve the problem yourself, and you'll save a ton of money.  [video]

Repair Drywall Holes

Maybe moving furniture around, a corner hit the wall and oops! A hole. Maybe you had a flat screen TV installed in the wall, but decided to move it. Oops, a couple of big holes need repair. Things happen. And drywall can get damaged. But it's pretty easy to fix!

The hardest part of drywall repair is making the patch flush with the existing wall.

A “pumpkin patch” is an easy repair that cuts down on sanding.

Stop a Leaky Faucet

A dripping faucet can waste 5 gallons of water per day. Most of the time, for most faucets, fixing the leak isn't so hard! Watch here:  [video]

Adjust Cabinet Doors

Frequent use, no use, humidity, etc can make cabinet doors rub, refuse to close, or just look cockeyed. Adjusting them is easy and generally requires only a screwdriver. [video]

Replace an Electrical Outlet

9 top DIY home repair tips: replace old ugly electrical outlets for under $2.00!

Electrical outlets will stop working over time. They aren't made to function for 30 years. They may also be an unfortunate color, that doesn't match the new home improvements you've made.

Why leave an ugly or not-working electrical outlet in place? It's SO CHEAP to replace them!! They cost around $2.00 each, and are typically very easy to replace yourself.

The most common colors are white, beige, black. There are a couple of wires in the back, and you screw it into the existing hole.

Cover with a matching outlet plate and the whole project costs less than $5.00 and you can do it in less than 20 minutes! Most electricians charge a site fee (to show up to your home) of around $75, plus no less than $25 per hour. This most needed repair tip could save you HUNDREDS!!


Fixing Parts of a Broken Appliance 

Top 9 DIY home repair tips: replace appliance PARTS, not the whole thing!

The last of our 9 top DIY home repairs could save you the most money. Why? It's inevitable... appliances break. They can be expensive to replace. But lots of times, they don't need to be replaced at all! For instance, this microwave! The bottom of the door is cracked. Ugly. At first sight, the owner said "I need a new microwave". But why? The microwave works perfectly!  It's just the door that cracked.

Take a look at the microwave door hinge. Notice anything? How easy it would be to slide off? There are TONS of companies that sell appliance PARTS. Get the make and model number off of the inside of the appliance. Paste that information into a google search and voila! You'll end up with a bunch of companies that are selling that part! This particular door, in black to match exactly, is $187. To replace it with installation (wall microwaves are very heavy) could be well over $500.

Smoke and Carbon Monoxide Detector - $39.99

This manufacturer-approved smoke and carbon monoxide detector (part number 57194) is also sold as First Alert alarm model SC07CN.The alarm requires 2 AA batteries, the first set of which are supplied with the detector. When its photoelectric sensor detects smoke, or when its chemical sensor measures a high CO concentration, the alarm issue a voice warning that includes the location of the room in which it is installed. If the batteries get low, the detector chirps, and users can test battery life and alarm function at any time by pushing a single button.No special tools are needed to install the detector. Replace the batteries at least once every 12 months. The drawer for the batteries swings out from the front of the detector.

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