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Nov 18, 2017

Things to know about a neighborhood when investing in rental homes

Before you make the decision to purchase a home for rental purposes, it is important to do your research before actually signing on the dotted line. While the home may appear to be a great rental property, believe it or not, the neighborhood can be a make or break for any deal. Regardless of how nice the house is, if the neighborhood isn’t sound, you are going to have a really hard time finding decent tenants. When considering a property, take some time to really look at the area around the property. Do your due diligence and make sure you have an intimate knowledge of the surrounding neighborhood before putting up any money. Ask questions When purchasing a property for investment purposes, it is always best to view the property first hand. You should always inspect the house for yourself—but, just as importantly, you should check out the neighborhood yourself, as well. Spend some time in the area to get a good feel for the neighborhood. Meet the neighbors and those who work in the local shops...

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Oct 31, 2017

Private equity changing rental market

After the housing crash, a new industry rose around property management that allowed single-family homes to be treated as commodities. Following the Great Recession, private equity started moving into the housing market, buying tens of thousands of homes and turning them into rental properties.In a recently aired segment on NPR’s WBUR, Dustin Dwyer, reporter for Michigan Public Radio and a Grand Rapids resident, explained how private investors from out of state became interested in purchasing homes in the Grand Rapids market.Dwyer was curious, “Why would someone from Chicago or California be interested in buying up homes in Grand Rapids, Michigan?”Dwyer said he learned through speaking to other residents in the city that out-of-state companies began investing in Grand Rapids homes to turn around and sell them as rental properties, often driving up the price of rent and forcing people out.He also spoke to analysts and experts in the housing market and learned about the increased trend of investors and hedge funds buying large amounts of properties after the 2008-09 housing crash...

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Oct 05, 2017

5 Expenses That Shock First-Time Homebuyers

Americans are an optimistic sort. Take this new study from Bank of The West, which found that 85 percent of millennials are confident they’ll achieve the American Dream — of which owning a home is a big piece.Yet, more than half of those surveyed don’t have a plan to actually get there, and once they start on the path, they’re often shocked at how much it costs. Sure, some costs associated with homeownership are predictable, like your mortgage payment.

But many of the ancillary costs of homeownership take homeowners by surprise, including property taxes, insurance, utility bills, and more. U.S. homeowners can spend more than $9,000 per year on these hidden...

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Sep 07, 2017

Hurricane Irma: Renter? You could be on your own for shutters

In the mad rush to cover windows and doors before Hurricane Irma strikes, some Florida renters find themselves in an awkward spot: What if the landlord won’t put up the shutters or plywood?

The short answer: Tenants are on their own.

Nothing in Florida law requires landlords to protect their home — or their tenants — in a hurricane, lawyers and experts say.

Hurricane Irma: Get the latest news and information on the storm

“I don’t think there’s anything in the statute that says, ‘Hey, if a hurricane’s coming, you’ve got do to this,’” said Sunrise attorney Charles L. Simon.

Florida law requires landlords to comply with “all applicable building, housing, and health codes.” When there are no applicable codes, the landlord has to keep the building “in good repair” and “capable of resisting normal forces and loads.”

Even an historic Category 5 hurricane with 185 mph winds, as Irma recorded in the mid-Atlantic, does not count as “normal forces and loads,” lawyers said.

While it might seem obvious that a homeowner would want to protect their assets, that doesn’t always happen...

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Sep 06, 2017

Timely Tips For The New Real Estate Investor

Whether you want to diversify your investments, develop cash flow for your retirement years or achieve other financial goals, investing in real estate can be a smart idea. Real estate tends to be less volatile than the stock market, and the owners of investment properties can benefit from price appreciation as well as the current rent roll.That does not mean that owning investment real estate is an easy road to riches. If it were, everyone who owned an apartment building or a rental home would be rich, and clearly, that is not the case. If you are new to the world of real estate investing, you need to plan carefully, develop a strategy for success and treat your new endeavor like the business it is. In my experience as a real estate investor, it makes sense to understand your investment personality, but also the role the business of real estate plays in your daily life. Here are some timely tips new real estate investors can use to make more money while reducing their risk.Treat Your Real Estate Investment Like The Business It Is...

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Sep 03, 2017

Why Online Investing Makes It Easy to Diversify Your Real Estate Portfolio

Modern Portfolio Theory is based on the idea that certain types of investment risk can be mitigated through a strategic pattern of diversification and asset allocation.Diversification is important because it spreads risk across multiple types of investments within a single portfolio. By diversifying into different investments, the overall portfolio’s  risk is reduced so that the investor isn’t as exposed to a loss from a single investmentAsset allocation is important because it reduces the risk of an outsized impact on an investor’s portfolio from a market moving change in one asset class. In addition, asset allocation takes into account each individual investor’s risk tolerance, time horizon and investment goals. Bull markets don’t last indefinitely. Markets and asset classes will have good and bad years. For these reasons, it is important for investors to choose a variety of asset classes and allocate their investment selections within each class strategically. Real estate is an important part of a well-diversified portfolio, and the advent of online real estate investing makes it easy, convenient, and transparent for all investors to add real estate to their investment strategy...

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Aug 21, 2017

RETIRE WITH RENTALS: Analyze, and be ready to seize the day

The best thing you can do to start your real estate investment journey is simply to begin analyzing properties. Do not wait until you have the funding ready. You need to get a feel for your market, what opportunities are generally available, what makes a great deal and how often such deals come along. Don’t limit your searches. Learn the nuances of your market by analyzing a wide range of potential investments early and often. Armed with this knowledge, you will start honing the skills needed to quickly and effectively judge potential investment properties. Then, when your funds are in place, you will be ready to pull the trigger with confidence.  Starting the process of analysis as early as possible is critical because great deals don’t stay on the market for long. You have to act quickly. If you have already spent the time learning to accurately analyze properties, you will be able to immediately recognize a good opportunity and act decisively when one presents itself. If you haven’t spent the time, you have very little chance of seizing the great opportunity when it comes along.  


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Aug 17, 2017

Homework Pays Off

Mortgage and real estate-related investment opportunities abound throughout various securities and properties, as long as investors take the steps necessary to understand the underlying market conditions—and the properties themselves.But the cost of due diligence continues to rise in today’s economic environment, according to experts. So whether evaluating mortgage notes, servicing rights, properties for flips or long-term investments, multi- or single-family rentals, the rules are the same. The assets—including those underlying the securities—their communities, and other macroeconomic factors need to be carefully evaluated...

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Aug 17, 2017

At 19, he bought his first property from his parents' basement. But is real estate enough?

Adam Ailion’s father likes to joke that his son started investing in real estate in the womb.As a third-generation realtor, Ailion, 30, knew that real estate had the potential to generate wealth if he purchased wisely at the right time.“I started investing at age 19 while still in college,” says Ailion, a Realtor at RE/MAX Town and Country in Marietta, Georgia. “I paid $16,000 for a duplex in South Atlanta in May 2009 before I moved out of my parent’s basement.”Renovations on the fixer-upper cost $15,000-$20,000. Within four weeks, he rented each unit in the duplex for $550 a month.“That rental property was generating enough cash flow to pay the mortgage of my first primary residence, which I purchased for $63,000 in 2010, and later sold for $158,000 in tax-free profit,”...

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Aug 10, 2017

Cutler Bay House for Rent

Cutler Bay House for Rent: 3/2 lakefront with private fenced yard, 2 car garage

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