Florida Power of Attorney
for purchase of real estate

Florida power of attorney for purchase of real estate is a common form used for many transactions. It is a simple legal document that gives someone you designate, your express authority to be able to help buy, sell real estate or to conduct other real estate related transactions or services, on your behalf.

This is a simple form that you can use to help you if you will be out of town traveling, if you live out of the area or state and prefer someone local to handle your real estate needs, or otherwise want someone else to handle your needs for you involving real estate.

It is also very common for landlords to give a limited power of attorney to their property manager for rental property. Most common designates for power of attorney are property managers, family members, co-workers, business partners.

The powers you give can be as limited and explicit as you wish and put in writing. For instance, if you are own rental property in one state, and live elsewhere. You can hire a local property manager to handle your rental business, and give them limited power of attorney to be able to sign leases, renewals, addenda for you. You can limit it so that they would not have the power to sell your home or otherwise perform outside of the scope of direct rental management duties.

For family members, equally you can limit the ability of your designee to only be able to perform certain necessary duties specifically outlined in your agreement. If you do not expressly indicate the specific duties, your designee will have a very broad ability to not only sign documents for you, but to make very important decisions that could be very impactful.