Change AC Filter

Tenants should know to change AC filter at least once per month. Why? Air flows through the AC closet, through the filter and into the AC unit.

The filter is the first line of defense for all dust, dander, pollen, pet hair to be stopped before it gets sucked up into the AC unit and blasted through the air ducts into the entire house, every room, over and over.

The filter will help to clean that air and improve the quality of air. The best thing a landlord can do is include a clause in the lease about the AC unit and to change AC filter. See more below

Bad Tenants | never changed AC filter

We've found tenants remove the AC filter completely because they are too lazy to put a new one in, or don't know any better. This is BAD. This means the dirt, pet hair, pollen etc in the air (and it IS in the air!) will accumulate onto the AC coils. The coils are the unit's 2nd line of defense before the bad stuff shoots through the ducts and back into the house again. When the dust and dirt accumulates on the coils, air will not only be bad quality and bad for your health, but it will cause the air flow to stagnate (just like a dirty AC filter will do) potentially causing the AC to stop cooling, or to start leaking water.

Directions to Change AC filter

It's always a good idea to write up a short one page directions sheet to maintaining the AC unit, for tenants. Specify the size of the filter and how to replace it. Specify that it needs to be replaced monthly. Insert a photo of where the filter goes, so there's no confusion - make it as easy as possible. Also a good idea is to include a paragraph of explanation on problems caused when the filter isn't changed (leaking, not cooling). It's also acceptable to explain that a tenant's negligence can lead to costly repair bills TO THEM.

DIY: How to replace an AC filter

Reusable AC filter, needs to be hosed off at least once per month. This one wasn't cleaned for many months, causing water to leak inside of AC closet

AC units all have very different set ups from house to house, condo to condo. Make sure to show tenants where the AC filter is, write down the filter size on the lease, and make it a requirement in the lease that the TENANT is responsible for changing the AC filter at least monthly.

This will help cut down on repair bills, and prolong the life of the AC system. Most rental unit AC systems are only lasting 8-10 years these days. They don't make AC systems to last 25-30 years any longer!