Driveway Blacktop DIY

This driveway blacktop DIY project is easy, cheap, and makes a BIG impact on the curb appeal of your home. When the front of your property is beginning to look a little run down or unexciting, the cause is almost always either 1) needs a new coat of paint 2) needs everything green to be trimmed and mowed or 3) the driveway needs some attention!

Driveway blacktop filler and sealer normally comes in 5 gallon buckets and one bucket is usually enough to coat a two-car driveway one time fully. We've included the products we use, below.

Driveway blacktop DIY project for anyone
to do under $50 and 3 hours!

Before new Driveway Blacktop DIY project (pressure cleaned)
Driveway Blacktop DIY project completed and drying

Excellent, easy project to enhance curb appeal.
Great preparation for selling or renting your home.
For extreme weather (South Florida), we recommend
using two coats or apply this product every 1-2 years.

Products can be found easily at a local hardware store,
Home Depot, ACE Hardware etc:

Dalton Latex-ite UltraShield
Filler Sealer Driveway Coating
approximately $36.00

Driveway Squeegee Tool
approximately $12

Home Depot UltraShield Driveway Filler Sealer

Preparing the surface

We recommend pressure cleaning the driveway first. If you don't have a pressure washer, use a cleaning detergent made for cleaning driveways/patios/siding, as that will break up any driveway gunk. Best time of the day to clean the driveway is in the morning. Once dry (on a sunny day, will be within two hours) you can go ahead and tackle the project. It's a great idea to do both the cleaning and the product application in the same day if possible to avoid potentially having to clean the driveway all over again.

This is the pressure washer we use. It's electric. As "DIY" as we are, we are very intimidated by gas powered pressure washers. THIS pressure washer is electric, and does an AMAZING job every time we use it. We have a long extension cord we keep with it, just in case the pressure cleaner needs to go up onto a roof!

This thing has cleaned roofs, patios, driveways, walls etc over and over again and continues to work like a champ!

Applying the blacktop product

Once the driveway is clean and dry, applying the product can be done in under two hours for a 2 car driveway. We simply put the 5 gallon bucket (be careful, it's kinda heavy) on the driveway starting in one of the top (closest to the house) corners. We tip the bucket over slightly so a small glob of product falls neatly onto the driveway. Then simply take the squeegee on a pole (tool easily found at the hardware store, usually around $10) and start spreading! For the area closest to the garage door and house walls, we use a paint brush. Don't squeegee that close to the house or you'll need to quickly clean off the product because it WILL splash up a bit. Use the paint brush to paint the product on to the edges of the driveway, and inwards about 3 inches. That will give you enough of a buffer to avoid unnecessary splashes. Then keep pouring, then squeegee-ing in small sections working your way down the driveway towards the street. This product dries fairly quickly, especially in sun. For best results, once the driveway blacktop DIY project is done, block the driveway and don't park cars there for at least 24 hours.