Driveway Ideas

Driveway Ideas to increase curb appeal include simple inexpensive (less than $50!) projects like coating a concrete driveway (or recoating a blacktop driveway)... to painting or staining concrete... to stamped concrete... to adding pavers. Which is easiest to maintain, least expensive, most durable? Which will get the most return for the money?

Driveway ideas: #1 Blacktop Filler and Sealer
UNDER $50 and 3 hours for a 2 car driveway

driveway ideas blacktop $50 project BEFOREBlacktop $50 project, pressure-cleaned and ready: BEFORE
driveway ideas blacktop $50 project AFTERBlacktop $50 project, product applied and now drying: AFTER

This is our favorite curb appeal project for fix and flip houses, and houses that have either plain concrete driveways or those that are already blacktopped. Super easy DIY project can be done in under 3 hours with just a driveway squeegee and some blacktop filler and sealer (one product, comes premixed in a 5 gallon bucket)! This was done directly over a basic concrete driveway. Every 1-3 years a new blacktop coating needs to be applied. To hire a professional, cost ranges from 175 to $450. DIY total is under $50 and 3 hours (including pressure cleaning first!). For step-by-step instructions and technique, and products used, click here:

Driveway ideas: #2 Pavers

A driveway with pavers is the most desirable to potential buyers, as it has the most curb appeal. Generally, pavers are multi-colored to blend with roof and exterior paint colors, but also so it doesn't show mild dirt as easily. They do need to be pressure washed once a year in most cases, and then sealant needs to be reapplied. Pavers look great, but they do require annual upkeep to ensure they remain in good condition and don't stain or crack.

If you don't have pavers yet, but want them... projects for a two car driveway similar to the above house range from $4500 - $9000 depending on the quality of pavers, and if you are also having them sealed, if the company has to dig down due to the sidewalk or street height, etc. There are a lot of variables and it's a great idea to call 2-3 companies and request free in-person estimates before you make any decisions. In our experience, the estimates we've gotten for projects like these have varied greatly from company to company.

Driveway pavers need annual maintenance: they need to be pressure washed and sealed once a year to ensure no staining or cracks

Also, if you're handy, do the last step sealing yourself. Purchase the sealant, and and a $10 driveway squeegee and apply it yourself. You'll save about $350! Our favorite place to start looking for free estimates is Angies List!