Home Staging Checklist

Home Staging Checklist forms work well to get you focused on the right things. When you decide to sell your home, it can be quite overwhelming. This is especially true when you've lived in your home for many years. You're comfortable, you've accumulated a great number of things and stuff, and you are so used to your status quo... you aren't able to see potential pitfalls that your prospective buyers notice right away.

Our Home Staging Checklist is free, easily downloadable and a pdf file, so everyone should be able to easily open it, print it, use it. This is a checklist primarily for the owner-occupied situation: you are the owner, and you're living in the property while you plan to show it to prospective buyers (or renters). For this reason, you'll be able to make the small repairs and adjustments that may be needed.

For a more in-depth explanation and additional photos to explain concepts, click where clickable, and visit Home Staging, Home Staging Pictures and Home Staging Interior Design.

A few Home Staging Checklist tips:


Your front door is THE VERY FIRST IMPRESSION of what to expect on the inside. Give THE BEST first impression! It's EASY and CHEAP!! For front doors...

Make sure it's clean and preferably freshly painted!

Fresh door paint, and new door knob, lock and peep hole are inexpensive fixes that makes a BIG HUGE impact.

Our FAVORITE front door paint is from Modern Masters, comes in a plastic jar, and comes in lots of different colors. Though we prefer white front doors for most homes in Florida because it matches trim and mailboxes most often.


Front door hardware should be clean and new-looking! This is an EASY DIY project you can do yourself. Make sure to measure where the holes are for the screws. For the above handle hardware, we measured the distance between to the top and bottom screws.


We don't just mean sweep and dust. Deep cleaning is essential to the start of the selling cycle. Deodorize all flooring, remove dust everywhere. Clean fronts of all cabinets, drawers, handles. Clean all fan blades, tops of cabinets and refrigerator. Kitchen appliances and countertops, and bathroom showers/sinks/toilets/bathtubs should be sparkly super clean. Remove carpet stains.

AC / AIR CONDITIONING closet and vents

Remove every piece of dust from your AC closet, all AC vents, put in a new AC filter. If you haven't had your AC coil cleaned in more than 3 years, get it done. It will significantly upgrade the air quality of your home. If you haven't had the air ducts cleaned in more than 3 years, call out the Air Duct specialists. They don't charge much (usually around $250 for a 2000 square foot home).

Make sure if you have the coil and AC ducts cleaned, that you share this information in marketing your home for sale, and let potential buyers know. THEY WILL APPRECIATE THAT YOU GO TO THESE LENGTHS TO MAINTAIN YOUR HOME. And if any one of their family members suffers from seasonal allergies or asthma, they will love you for taking these extra steps.


Do you have a broken microwave handle? Running or loud toilet? Are some fence slats loose or rotting? Do you have a ceiling fan that makes a loud noise?  These are all things that can be fixed yourself, or inexpensively by a professional. If you leave them, buyers WILL NOTICE THESE ISSUES!

Fix the small inexpensive things. If you don't have the money to install the new roof you know you need... that's okay. Make sure you're honest and disclose it to your potential buyer, negotiate your asking price if need be. But don't let the small repairs go without being fixed. These are items that will bring you more return for the small investment.


  • Refrigerator magnets (yes, remove EVERY ONE OF THEM!)
  • Everything off of all flat surfaces including countertops, tables
  • Family photos off all walls, shelves, flat surfaces etc. Yes, ALL of them!
  • All fake flower arrangements, and all but 1-2 potted plant per room
  • Smaller pieces of furniture and wall hangings and accessories especially near front door
  • Wall art/ wall hangings except on 1 wall per room... bare walls are good!


Buyers want to see that you're serious about selling. If you start boxing up your book shelves and closets, and set a pile of boxes in the corners of each room... you'll rightly give the impression to potential buyers that you're in the process of moving out. They like that. It's a good thing. Grab some boxes and start packing up your non-essentials! Looking for some great tips and guidance on how to get it done with less stress, more productivity and organization? Check out this article at moving.com.

Coming soon... Home Staging Checklist for the tenant-occupied home.

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