Home Staging Pictures

Home staging pictures help generate ideas and inspiration sellers can use in the homes they are living in, and also trying to sell... to rearrange, add color, declutter, etc. These elements are important to consider implementing as a Home Staging, phase one of the home selling process. Home staging is a vital first part of the whole process, as it will help a home appeal to the largest range of potential buyers.

To get the most money, in the shortest amount of time... your goal will be to maximize all of the best qualities of your home, and accentuate them. And at the same time, there are easy steps you can take to declutter and make each space in your home the most attractive as possible, to the greatest amount of potential buyers.

Click on image above for a great article for Owner-occupied home sellers, from the National Association of Realtors:

You'll want to create appeal. Curb appeal is essential for the front exterior. It attracts potential buyers, and sets first impressions. With good (exterior) curb appeal, potential buyers will bring their great, positive first impressions with them inside. YOU WANT TO CONTINUE THIS GOOD VIBE ALL THROUGH THE INSIDE OF YOUR HOME TOO!

You want to create spaces where potential buyers will be able to visualize themselves, and their family living there. To achieve this, there are (free and easy) steps you must take.

Home staging pictures help to visualize what is commonly accepted as looking good, maximizing a property's spaces and unique qualities, and making potential buyers happy. Home staging is an important part of the selling process.

Home Staging Pictures

Front door, frame and baseboards were painted with Modern Masters Door Paint. It's bright white and super clean looking now.

Walls were painted a light "greige" color... beige with a touch of grey. It's very neutral, and appeals to the broadest range of buyers, while making a very nice neutral backdrop to even the most colorful furniture and room, whether the base is brown, black or white.

We removed the typical front door "stuff" like the hanging keys hooks and the umbrella stand. In its place, we placed a modern looking metal planter with real, hardy plant that requires little light, water or attention.

We also changed the front door hardware. Now the front door looks new, clean and shiny.

This was a very nice, comfortable breakfast area.

We added bright colored placemats to the table, which brightened up the whole room, and brought the other shades of green together.

We also added two tall candle holders which accentuates the very large, tall window behind.

The candles are green to match the new brightly colored placemats on the table. Placemats were $2/each. We found these candle holders in the seller's house in a different room and moved them to where they made the most impact. The green candles were also very inexpensive, around $4 each.

Well staged home. Notice no personal items. The furniture is just enough to suggest how to use the space.

Anything extra was removed.

Placemats and a few colored decorations, flowers and a large palm tree are all that's needed to bring a little warmth and interest into each space.

The unit was also professionally cleaned, which makes a big difference to the overall feel.

This is a fairly small dining room space. However, a smaller circular dining room table was used to make the space appear larger.

Circular tables create easier pathways to walk around and navigate through smaller spaces. Notice just one focal point on the wall adds just enough interest and color to the room.

Placemats, a few place settings and a candle round out this home staging success.

Tip:  not sure if your home staging efforts are working?  Step back, and take a few photos! Home staging pictures will give the 2D perspective you want, because those photos will likely be used for marketing purposes. If after home staging, photos of the space appear too busy, messy, uncoordinated or too cluttered... go back to the basics of home staging. Keep at it until each space works on its own, and in home staging pictures.