What's My Property Worth?

What's your property worth?  The best, first place to start is Zillow. It gives an idea of market value. Zillow gives instant, updated daily, computerized estimates of a property's market value.

This is in no way an appraisal, and Zillow prominently discloses

that fact. They call these computer generated numbers "Zestimates". The number you see will be a good starting point to give you a ball park figure.

The number they give you is based on recent sales in the neighborhood similar to your property, and adjusts for certain things like square footage and local market conditions.

What's the difference between these CMA reports...
an an actual paid-for Appraisal? Click here!

Once you have an idea, and are ready to take a step further... request a professional (FREE!) Comparative Market Analysis from a licensed, experienced Realtor (form below). You will receive a report emailed to you, which will introduce additional factors needed, that Zillow isn't able to use. These tools together will help you get one step closer to figuring out your best road to take. Sell? Rent? What's best for you, for your family, for your finances and future? Remember, picking the right licensed Realtor to talk with will help you navigate through all of our options. Keep in mind, if they are good... they have bought, sold and rented out multiple properties themselves - in addition to helping tons of others. They will have the knowledge and experiences to help you make solid decisions.

Should I RENT or SELL?

Request free 
'For Sale' and 'For Rent'
market analysis
reports today!

Reports include the most recent comparables just sold, or just rented... any pending transactions... photos of the properties... DOM (number of days on the market) and more! These reports can be used to determine what you could get for your property if listed for sale or rent today.

Don't hesitate to request your reports! They are free and quick! And remember, when filling out the below form... the more information you provide to us (ex: upgrades, pool, crown molding, etc) the more accurate and customized report we'll be able to provide to you!

CMA reports are most similar to the formal Appraisal. However, Appraisers are licensed specifically to do appraisals. And they charge money for their service. The CMA reports are prepared by licensed real estate agents and are most often offered free of charge. The CMA reports can't be used/submitted to mortgage companies when financing is involved, but are an excellent tool for owners to use to determine their current market value to either sell or rent.

Request your free reports below. The more information you provide, the better! The initial criteria used is size, square footage, number of bedrooms and bathrooms, garage, pool, most recent comparables, etc. However, additionally... upgrades, condition, quality, view, waterfront, etc can also be important factors in determining market value. Your report will be prepared by a licensed, experienced real estate professional and emailed directly to you. You do NOT need to share a phone number... no one will call you unless you WANT them to!

Request a free CMA (Comparable Market Analysis) report today...
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