Landscaping Ideas

Landscaping ideas are useful when trying to increase a property's curb appeal. If you are trying to sell or rent out a property with any green space or yard, and it's not looking it's best... we've got some proven inexpensive landscaping ideas to help.

Two most important elements to sprucing up a yard or green space?  GREEN and a splash of COLOR. Green can be in the form of a patch, or a yard of healthy green grass. OR it can simply be a grouping of green plants or shrubs. To add a splash of color, the most favorable and inexpensive trick is simply adding a little red mulch to the space. Mulch is a wonderful thing! It creates borders to help delineate spaces like between a walkway and green grass. It helps bring a big splash of color to an otherwise boring space. And it helps make the area look well-maintained.

1. Green Grass

Any grass you have, make sure to get it to a healthy bright green color, without weeds, and always keep it cut while in the process of showing your property to prospective buyers or renters. Make a note on the calendar to give an hour a week to your grass, and it will reward you! Water the grass regularly if needed, add Weed 'n Feed or similar product to help add nutrients while killing weeds, and keep it at the same height weekly. Doing this routine weekly (doesn't take long!) will produce great results almost right away. The key is to keep the routine regular.

2. Edging.

Any walkway or driveway is an edge. Grass and weeds will begin to grow up and over if you let it. If you hire a lawn service, they will use an edger to make sure a nice clean line stays between the concrete and the grass/weeds. If you don't have a service or an edger, use weed killer spray weekly by spraying the edges. Also available and inexpensive are "edging" materials at any home improvement store. These can be added to help contain any mulch, rocks, dirt within a confined space. The above photo shows a home using red concrete edging to keep mulch and rocks from spilling out onto the paved walkway/driveway spaces. This edging is inexpensive, easy to install and makes the space look very clean and well-maintained. It also makes for EASY LOW-maintenance!

3. Red mulch.

When a green space or area in a yard has fresh red mulch added, it looks well maintained, bright and attractive. Mulch is VERY inexpensive, comes in bags so it's easy for a DIY'er to buy and lay down. And it really does add curb appeal to a green space inexpensively. Note: while mulch will help lessen the occurrence of weeds, it will not do so completely. Make SURE to manually pull weeds up or spray weed killer on... very regularly. Weeds growing in fresh mulch looks bad and defeats the purpose completely. THE PURPOSE: create a yard or green space that looks well-maintained.

4. Add new plants??

For the goal of increasing landscaping curb appeal for property that's for sale or for rent, we DO NOT recommend adding plants or trees, generally speaking. Why? You don't plan to live there to enjoy them, they may require more work/maintenance than you realize or will dedicate time to, and are an added cost that is probably not necessary. In most cases, it is best to fix up what already exists. Get the grass to look healthy, remove the weeds, add some red mulch for a splash of color, add some stepping stones if there's a large patch of dirt (see above photo).

IF you have a dead space in the yard and need to add something green, make sure to find the most low-maintenance plants possible that are specific to your Florida zone. Miami-Dade is planting zone 10b. There are plenty of attractive, low-maintenance and drought-resistance plants that you can use to add some green. Just make sure to research first - don't plant something that will need too much maintenance. For some more landscaping ideas, photos and some more information on plant zones for South Florida, check out USDA and Sunset Climate Plant Zones for South Florida.

Excellent curb appeal. The front yard looks well maintained, leading to the perception that the owners will also keep the inside equally well-maintained.

The front yard is clean (pressure cleaning is super important). The grass is freshly mowed. The trees/landscaping uses red mulch to delineate between it and the grass.

The edges of the walkway and driveway are edged (no overgrowth or weeds).

Notice NO garden gnomes or ornaments or signs. There's NO personality. Just CLEAN, WELL-MAINTAINED generic curb appeal. THAT is the goal!!!!

Good curb appeal but could be better.

What's needed?

1) Pressure cleaning the roof and driveway.

2) Trim the bushes

3) Add color with a little red mulch around the trees!

4) Always store garbage bins away from the front

Note: the above photo is NOT good for use as a real estate photo. Once the landscaping and curb appeal are looking great, make sure any real estate agent or photographer only takes photos when the sun is shining ON the front of the property! A good experienced realtor will know when and how to take the best photos of the house, both inside and out.

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