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A Market Report Request will give you an invaluable tool in the form of a comprehensive, up-to-date local report on what your property is currently worth on the marketplace. It will provide information and photos of other neighborhood homes for sale, or that have just sold. You'll be able to compare your property to the others similar in size. The information included in this repot will give you the information you need to determine your best listing price, in order to achieve your real estate goal.

Need to sell fast? Submit the below Market Report Request, and we'll show you useful things like how long it took for other similar neighborhood homes to sell. Need to make the most money? This report will show you what other homes look like, and what improvements they have done, to sell for the highest price.

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Curious what a property's current market value is? Thinking of selling or renting out a property? Don't guess as to what you could sell or rent it for. 

We recommend taking TWO FIRST STEPS to determine the best, most accurate value. Remember... you don't want to price it too high, and DEFINTINITELY don't price it too low!!! Taking these two steps [1. look up your Zillow market value and 2. Submit a Market Report Request] will ensure you come out with all the information you need. 

Zillow and the "Zestimate"

Zillow gives instant, updated daily, computerized estimates of a property's market value. This is in no way an appraisal, and Zillow prominently discloses that fact. They call these computer generated numbers "Zestimates". The number you see will be a good starting point to give you a ball park figure. The number they give you is based on recent sales in the neighborhood similar to your property, and adjusts for certain things like square footage and local market conditions.

But there are many other factors that aren't included in these daily computations... the factors that Realtors, Appraisers and Buyers use. So once you have an idea of market value, next step is to request a CMA (submit a Market Report Request) from a licensed, experienced Realtor. They are normally free, and most Realtors are happy to provide this service. It's part of their daily activities!

CMA reports and the valuable information you receive

A CMA (Comparative Market Analysis) report is provided by licensed Realtors, normally free of charge. This is the stage in between finding a Zestimate online... and paying $300 for a formal appraisal. The CMA is a comprehensive report that includes research of the local neighborhood and area, recent closed sales as well as any properties that are under contract aka "Pending Sales". The report shows size, upgrades, additions, special features and any adjustments to the market value for each.

A very valuable piece of information in the CMA is "DOM". Days on Market. An experienced Realtor will be able to show you how the DOM directly affects pricing of the property. And how it affects if the property is listed for sale or for rent vacant, owner-occupied, or tenant-occupied. Make no mistake... these factors can DIRECTLY affect both the price and the time it takes to sell or rent the property.

The reports also feature large photos and detailed information about any currently listed properties similar to yours. These are active for sale (or rent), and these are the other properties that buyers (or renters) will be looking at, when they also might be looking at yours. How does your property compare? Curb appeal? Home Staging? Clean and freshly painted? How would you price your property to compete successfully with these others?

Real Estate Forms

By submitting a Market Report Request below, you'll receive a CMA which will help you answer these questions, and give you a ton of extra information. If you decide to hire a licensed experienced Realtor to help you navigate the sale of your home, they will work with you to determine the best strategy for selling. And work with you to ensure that your goals are met. Looking to sell quickly?  Not in a rush, just want the most money? Whatever your goal, make sure to share it with your Realtor - and together you can come up with the best strategy to meet your needs.

Legal Forms

The most successful real estate transactions will happen when you are armed with the most amount of information. Read about the location and area, search the crime statistics for that neighborhood, look at all the recent sales and comparables, research for open permits and liens. The more information you can gather, the better!

If the property is located within Miami-Dade county, we're happy to help in any way we can. We have the resources. If the property is located outside of Miami, but in the state of Florida, we still may be able to help. Let us know the details, and we'll tell you honestly if we're able to help or not. If we can't help, we are able to find you a great referral who WILL be able to give you the information and expertise you need.