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Oct 18, 2018

Fix and Flip, or Buy and Hold? 8 Questions to Help You Decide

If you want to get into real estate investing, the first thing you need to decide is what kind of investor you want to be.

Most real estate investors fall into one of two categories: house flippers and buy-and-hold owners. You can profit as either one if you acquire the right property, but choosing the investment strategy best for you will depend on your goals, finances and personal preferences. We’ll go over each strategy and help you answer eight simple questions to point you in the right direction.Why Invest in Real Estate?

Simply put, the vast majority of properties increase in value over time because people will always need somewhere to live. Unlike most stocks, land is a tangible asset that you can improve, rent out for monthly income and use to qualify for some sweet tax benefits. For these reasons and many more, real estate has outperformed the stock market by almost two to one since 2000. When you consider the housing bubble of 2008 happened in that stretch, it’s hard to deny the long-term stability of real estate investing.What’s the Difference Between...

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Oct 15, 2018

How to Record Deeds in Miami

How to record deeds in Miami: got a Quit Claim, 2nd Mortgage and need it to be official? Here's how to EASILY QUICKLY have it recorded!

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Sep 17, 2018

Make Yourself a Millionaire by Saving $100/Month

o you think being a millionaire is out of the question for you? Think again. If you avoid consumer debt and start investing when you're in your twenties or thirties, you can be a millionaire. Here's how.

Getting Started Let's assume you have $0 in your investment account right now. You have no debt, but you haven't saved anything, either. Let's assume you put your investments into a tax-deferred account, such as a 401(k). Let's also assume that your investments, over the long haul, will grow at an annualized average rate of 7 percent. (Investing legend Warren Buffet predicts the long-term annualized return of the U.S. stock market in the early-to-mid 21st century will be 7 percent.)

Remember: this is a very, very long-term average – over the span of 20 years or more. In any given year, your investments might be up or down. Don't focus on the short-term. One year – or three years, or five years – is small-scale when you're talking about a lifetime portfolio.

With those three assumptions in mind: You're starting at $0, you're investing in a tax-deferred account, and you'll get a 7 percent return over the long haul. Let's look at how much you need to invest to create a $1 million portfolio.*

The Math of Becoming a Millionaire If You Save: $100 per monthYou'll Be a Millionaire In 58 years and 6 months... (more)

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Aug 24, 2018

The 800 Credit Score: What It Means and How to Get One

Your credit score is one of the most important numbers of your life. These three-digit numbers indicate your creditworthiness or the likelihood that you'll repay the money you borrow. Credit scores generally range from 300 to 850, with higher credit scores being the best of all.

As of April 2017, 20.7 percent of Americans have a FICO score above 800, according to data from FICO. This makes a record high percentage of people with credit scores over 800 and correlates directly to lower delinquency rates. Since payment history makes up 35 percent of the credit scoring calculation, there's a strong relationship between having a high credit score and a low amount of late payments.

The Benefits of an 800 Credit Score So what exactly do you gain by having an 800 credit score?...

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Aug 22, 2018

Tips for Lowering Your Electric Bill

Say ​goodbye to high electric bills. These tips will help you increase your home efficiency for year-round savings...

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Aug 22, 2018

Calculating your real estate investment return High rental yields or strong capital growth: which is best for you?

When considering an investment in real estate, it is important to decide the type of income you wish to earn from the property. Capital gain and rental yields are two ways to earn money as a property investor, so it is important to understand the difference between the before buying an asset. Rental yields are often considered a key signifier of a property’s potential. Capital gains are also important, but the significance of each depends to some extent on an investor’s personal or financial circumstances...

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Aug 21, 2018

8 Easy Ways To Earn Passive Income, According To Money Experts

Wouldn't it be nice to earn income without worrying about it? I'm not talking about doing your regular 9-to-5 job, but through passive income. Because, believe it or not, there are several easy ways to earn passive income. Yes, some of the ways may involve some work, time, and money up front, but once that's taken care of, you can sit back and watch your bank balance grow.

"You know what they say: 'Don't work for your money. Make your money work for you,'" Jenna Goudreau, Managing Editor of Make It, CNBC's new site focusing on all things money, tells Bustle. "That's exactly the goal with passive income: By being smart about the resources you already have, an initial investment of effort can eventually earn you money while you sleep."...

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Aug 20, 2018

Condos vs Houses: What Is the Difference?

In some major metropolitan cities, it's not a choice between buying condos vs houses because urban houses can be too expensive. Condos almost always win out. Because they often cost less. Two of the biggest benefits to buying a condo are: usually condos are newer than a house, which means better upgrades, and the price is more affordable.

But there are other reasons buyers might gravitate toward condos vs houses. To make a fair comparison price-wise, I suggest buyers consider the amount of the homeowner's association (HOA) fee upfront. Whatever that amount, equate that sum to an increased mortgage payment. For example, let's say your HOA fee is $250. At an interest rate of 4.5 percent, that could be an additional payment on a principal sum of $50,000.

What this means to you is without an HOA fee, you could bump up your price range by $50,000, buy a home and pay about the same amount every month. In other words...

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Aug 07, 2018


Spacious light & bright 3/2.5 condo in prestigious Quayside North Miami oceanfront community for sale, just $385k. Last comp sold in July (remodeled) for $548k! This condo is fantastic, tons of storage, wonderful family-friendly place to live and have fun.


Jul 14, 2018

Owners, Appraisers Closest to Agreement Since 2015

The gap continues to narrow between homeowners’ and appraisers’ perceptions over home values. The latest Quicken Loans Home Price Perception Index shows that the average home appraisal in June was only 0.25 percent lower than what owners had estimated—this puts the two different value perceptions at their closest since February 2015.Homeowners provide their home value estimate at the beginning of the refinance process; that is then matched against the actual value appraisers assigned to the property later during the mortgage process. The two perceptions over value have been inching closer together over the last few months. A year ago, homeowners were saying their homes were worth 1.70 percent more than appraisers’ valuations.

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