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Are all rental property management companies the same?

NO! There are MANY rental management companies in South Florida. But they are NOT all the same! When the real estate market peaks, or hits a downturn... all of a sudden more and more Property Management Companies pop up. They need to the extra revenue so they decide to manage properties. Be careful who you entrust to manage your investment!

Effective property management isn't about the company you hire. It's about how much experience and competency your property manager has! The more experience, the more apt they are at seeing potential pitfalls and steering their landlords/tenants clear of them! They know how to save their landlords money. They have excellent communication and perception skills in dealing with tenants and issues. They are excellent problem solvers, and they always have their landlord's ROI and investment success at the forefront.

Beware of big warehouse management companies. Many of our accounts come from landlords fleeing from them!
Why? They hire "managers" that don't know the law, have no experience, aren't competent and don't know how to problem solve effectively. They've never owned their own rental properties or managed their own tenants. They end up costing landlords BIG MONEY needlessly.

EVERY rental property is unique, and every landlord's financial situation and goals for his/her rental property is different. BE CAUTIOUS! Unless the rental property management company you hire has a lot of experience, and tried-true systems in place... they can end up costing you A LOT of money unnecessarily!!! AND your management experience may end up being a disaster! We know, because many of our rental property management landlords come to us from bad experiences elsewhere!!

Ask prospective Rental Property Management Companies... 

Do they issue the IRS-mandated 1099s?
Will they give you 24/7 online access to your account and records?
Will they give you monthly income/expense statements?
How many properties do they manage?
How long have they managed residential rental properties?
What are their monthly fees? Renewal fees? Hidden fees?
Do they add a hidden fee/percentage to your repair bills?
Do they have a network of reliable handymen/professionals to give the best rates?
Do they watch and analyze your expenses v your ROI?
Are they actively helping you keep your property in top marketable condition?
Have they managed evictions?
Have they managed large re-roof projects or properties with septics, pools?

Make sure your property manager has the experience and knowledge needed to successfully manage YOUR investment property.

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- Fill vacancies
- Tenant screening
- Lease & addenda prep
- Lease/terms enforcement

- Monthly & Yearly statements
- Eviction coordination
- Free Market Analysis Reports
- Sales Service (w/ client discounts)

- Rent & late fees collection
- Repairs & Maintenance
- Bookkeeping
- 1099s

and 24/7 online account access! See everything going on with your rental property,
store copies of leases/statements/ receipts, instantly!

Don't want to manage your own property?

Miami: Rental Property Management Services

We are committed to finding and screening for the very best tenants we can find for your property. We have a solid, proven track record for finding great tenants in the shortest amount of time, delivering great customer service so they want to renew.

We offer the best monthly property management services in town! We provide screening/background checks, work with associations, collect rents, coordinate repairs and rent-ready projects, handle tenant requests, deal with lease violations, handle security deposit claims, provide cumulative monthly statements, more!

Hire experienced professionals and treat your rental property as your business! Request a Rental Market Analysis and Proposal to include our fees and an outline of our services. Need advice? We've been doing this a long time... we'll give you pointers on how you can save money, great tax deductions like Home Protection Plans, what Landlord Insurance policies are (and why you need them!. And learn about common rental problems, loan modifications, pets & leases, common landlord forms, and security deposits (the Landlord/Tenant Act).

We look forward to earning
your business and your trust!

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