Renters Insurance:
Do Tenants Need It?

A Renters Insurance policy is not a legal requirement in Florida.

But there are TOO many reasons why Renters should buy a policy anyway.
For one... they're cheap!

Fire or flood... renters can lose their personal belongings. And landlords are NOT responsible! Will the tenant be able to afford to replace everything?
Theft, burglaries... who replaces all those missing TVs, computers, the jewelry and watches? NOT the landlord! It's the tenant's loss.

Landlord Insurance vs. Renters Insurance

Renters Insurance is not the same as Landlord Insurance. They do not cover the same things.

A Landlord's Insurance policy won't cover a renter's personal belongings or liability in case of an accident. As well, what happens in the event of a hurricane or a burglary, or a skip and fall... and the costs associated with those events? Whose responsibility/loss will it be?

Why take any risk at all not knowing, and not being covered. Renters Insurance policies are a bargain. They can often be added onto one of your existing insurance policies (like your auto insurance policy!). And it will give you peace of mind, knowing whatever may happen, you and your personal belongings you've worked hard to buy (TVs, clothes, computers, furniture etc)... are covered!.

Do your research, go online and plug in some numbers... most large insurance companies offer easy websites giving you immediate quotes.


1. You spent money on your stuff... PROTECT IT!
Your landlord, landlord's insurance, or building's insurance WILL NOT pay for your stuff! Flat screen TVs, computers and laptops, mattresses and furniture, rugs and clothing, coffee makers and silverware... just some of the things that will add up to big money if you had to replace!! The average three bedroom 1500 square foot home will have anywhere from $15,000 to $30,000 worth of personal property inside. What happens with a theft? Fire? Hurricane?

2. Policies are VERY INEXPENSIVE!
To cover $20,000 worth of personal property, tenants can purchase a policy for about $20 per month! If you already have an auto policy, and add on your renter's insurance... it'll be EVEN CHEAPER!! For the price of a good pizza... you could buy peace of mind and the coverage for the material things you've spent your hard-earned money on. 

3. Your Landlord's insurance policy DOES NOT cover anything that is personal property of the tenant!
They will NOT help you replace anything that belongs to you! Landlords are NOT responsible for your stuff!! How much did you spend on those flat screen TVs, clothes and shoes, laptops, the Xbox One or PlayStation? What about the items in your jewelry box. What if a burglar took those things. Hurricane, water damage? Would it be easy to replace everything?

4. Personal Liability: Protect yourself from being sued!
What if a guest slips and falls? What if you, the tenant, hurts yourself?? In addition to covering your personal property, think about liability. People sue other people every single day. They slip. They fall. It might not be your fault. But that doesn't matter, because anyone can sue anyone for anything. They might not win, but you'll probably need to hire an attorney. Why not protect yourself? The cost is pennies a day.

5. IT'S SO CONVENIENT... BUY A POLICY ONLINE in as little as ten minutes!!!
Many sites like Geico and Progressive offer online quotes and even the ability to purchase your policy online, in the middle of the night, with your PJs on! No need to talk to an agent if you don't want to! They have tools to help you estimate the value of your personal property, options to help you make the policy as affordable or as comprehensive as you want. A Renter's policy for a year could be less than $100 bucks, $250 (about average for a 3 bedroom rental) on up depending on your needs. 

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