Underwater? BEHIND IN YOUR MORTGAGE PAYMENTS? You have options! 


Foreclosures can almost always be avoided!!
And they are certainly NEVER the best solution.

 If you are NOT more than 2-3 months behind on your monthly mortgage payments...  
Consider renting it out! You don't need to let your property go into foreclosure at this point, 

If you live in a larger metropolitan area like Miami, there will always be a need for rental property! Yes, there are many rentals on the market. There are also many people moving. If you seek out an experienced, licensed real estate agent, they can help you start earning rental income quickly. Rent your property until your financial situation strengthens, the local real estate market rebounds a little more, and you're able to sell successfully! Remember, rental properties can also be VERY good for tax deductions!

STOP FORECLOSURE: If you have gotten more than 2-3 months behind on your monthly mortgage payments...

STOP THE IMPENDING FORECLOSURE and consider a short sale! You may soon get Foreclosure papers delivered from the bank... but this usually means you still have plenty of time. With short sales, the ramifications to your credit score are much less than a foreclosure. Where a foreclosure will most likely hurt you for up to seven years... a short sale is much less painful and gives you the opportunity to recoup within a year or two.

The process can be frustrating, you'll want to work with a team of experienced professionals all working on your same goal. We have a Short Sales Specialists team dedicated to negotiating and working with your bank to make sure the sale goes through painlessly.

First contact your primary mortgage company. If your loan is backed by Fannie Mae or Freddie Mac... you might qualify! If your mortgage company doesn't offer HARP or HAMP, find another mortgage company that does. Use the tool below to help:

If you haven't been paying your monthly mortgage for more than several months... you're in pre-foreclosure. There could still be time to stop the foreclosure... and sell it! But you'll need to act quickly. There are ways to stall the foreclosure - so you have the opportunity to short sale. We have the resources and team to help you! *If you bought your property withint he past 5 years, chances are you can request your bank to produce the original loan documents, and/or prove they are the owner of your mortgage in it's entirety.

And chances are, it'll take them a while to find those original loan docs, prove they own your mortgage in full, or represent the parties that do. You can also come up with a buyer, and often successfully stop the foreclosure up till the day of the foreclosure at the courthouse steps...!

Ask us! Free consultation, and we'll walk you through the different steps you can take. Don't ruin your credit! You DO HAVE OPTIONS!!! YOU AREN'T ALONE... we can help!

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