Successful open house tips has to start with the Prep Work!!! Preparing your property to show as great as possible is SO VERY IMPORTANT. We are in a BUYER'S MARKET, which means there are lots of houses to buy... and there's plenty of room for buyers to be picky and choosy and compare your property to multiple others! You have competition. Maximize the appeal of your property... so you grab the most attention from buyers!


Make sure the exterior and interior of your property shines, and your Open House will be much more successful with much less effort and stress from you. Your exterior curb appeal gives all potential buyers the all-important first impression. Make sure that first impression is "clean, well maintained and cared for". That impression will carry through as long as you follow some simple basics:


  • Curb Appeal: make sure the front yard grass is mowed, trees trimmed, add mulch to flower beds, remove all weeds!
  • Pressure clean walkways, driveways, roof, fascia, patio, windows etc so they look very clean and well cared for
  • Group like things: got lots of plant pots all over? Group them into a 2-3 less active corners/spaces of the yard
  • Mailbox and front door should look ESPECIALLY great. Paint them if they don't look perfect. There are lots of great, super easy to use paints on the market now for doors (that would perfectly for both door and mailbox). We are especially in love with the Modern Master Front Door paint. One quart will usually work for a good coat of paint on a front door and mailbox. SO many colors to choose from, and they have an amazing app that helps you choose just the right color.


  • Box up all trinkets, fridge magnets, family photos [more home selling tips]
  • Paint bold colored walls with a light neutral color like beige or white [more home staging tips]
  • Clear off flat surfaces: remove all "stuff" from kitchen countertops, islands, bathroom countertops, night stands
  • Clean! Pay special attention to AC vents and fan blades, baseboards, floors, door handles and surrounding areas
  • Scent-ivize! Make sure to add soft, neutral pleasant fragrance to the kitchen, bathrooms, bedrooms and entrance

Successful Open House Tips also include Home Staging
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Home Staging: Minimize furniture and personal items. Keep clean.


A solid successful open house tips list wouldn't be complete without strategically picking the best day/date/time for an Open House.

  • Sundays are the traditional Open House days, they seem to work best
  • Make sure to pick a date at least two weeks away, and not conflicting with any holidays or long weekends
  • People are drawn to people... limit it to two hours, cram more people in at the same time, creates more interest

Sunday 5/15/19

111 NE 15th Ave
3/2 with pool
FOR SALE $390k
 in beautiful Bay View


Having a successful Open House means planning ahead. Attracting the most attention possible from qualified buyers looking in your area is your goal. How will you let them know? How do you find them?

  • Get your calendar out. Pick your Open House day (Sundays are usually the best days)
  • Count two weeks back from that date... this is the week you place an ad in your weekly mailer (, or classified section of your local newspaper
  • An inexpensive, short and direct ad is all you need (see sample to left)
  • Find free local web pages to include your open house: check websites of your HOA or condo association, local .gov page, etc

(our most important of our successful open house tips!)

Once your advertising (classified ad in a weekly direct-mail flier that goes to all homes in the area).... and maybe a posting on a local online classified website or two (try, you're ready to plan on how you're going to PROMOTE your Open House. Remember, your goal is to reach as many potential buyers as possible and get them to come visit your home on Open House day. How will you reach potential buyers if they didn't see your classified advertisement(s)?  You have to cover more bases... and sometimes think outside the box. Does your community have a bulletin board you can post to? Can you put a flier in a few local storefront windows for added exposure?


  • Purchase bright clean Open House signs: you'll need AT LEAST 3-6 signs
  • On the morning of Open House, place at least one sign in front of the property, at least one at the end of the block and more signs at any other strategic high traffic corner/street within 3 blocks of your property
  • Buy a dozen red helium balloons, they are very cheap, easily found at any Party City, and when tied to your Open House signs, attract lots of attention
  • Make sure to check any local ordinances and follow the rules and regs for signage. And remember to apply for a permit if needed!


What's one of the most overlooked but best (and FREE) successful open house tips?? LET YOUR NEIGHBORS HELP YOU SELL YOUR HOME!!! Neighbors like having good neighbors. It's true! Let your neighbors help you to help them! Let them know about your Open House, give them several fliers they can pass out FOR YOU!

  • Ask neighbors to invite any of their friends and family that might be looking to move. Your neighbors can be a very useful tool in finding your buyer.
  • Create a simple one page flier and either stick it in all mailboxes for the surrounding 1-2 blocks, or mail it. Addresses are usually easily found through your local .gov website


Prepare your home by making sure all pets are gone for the two hours. Do NOT leave them there, even if they are in a separate room. People want to see the whole house, and will open all doors. Which also means be VERY mindful of any medications, prescription drugs, jewelry. There ARE people who will go to open houses, and try to steal these things. Many documented police reports exist because of unscrupulous people that like to show up to Open Houses.

Enlist the help of 2-3 friends or family members to be there with you. Give them a stack of fliers to pass out to every potential buyer that shows up. Make sure they are spread through out the house to answer questions and MOST ESPECIALLY to keep an eye on everything. You don't know these people. Make sure you don't leave anyone alone, unattended, in any room without being able to see them at all times.

Have full color copies (50 is a good number) of your For Sale property flier. Make sure you have extra fliers to give out. On one page, you should have the following information:

  • Large great photo of the front of your home
  • Address
  • Asking price
  • a bullet point list of all the wonderful things that make your house better... new roof? extra storage? pool? granite countertops?
  • contact information... we recommend putting your email address

It's also a good idea to have someone greeting at the front door. Have them hold a clipboard and pen, and have all adults sign in.

It's a security protocol, and also a great way to gather important contact information. What if you reduce the price in a few weeks?.

You'll want to contact these potential buyers to let them know!  Getting the EMAILS of your potential buyers is most important Successful open house day doesn't just mean it ends then. With a list and contact information, you can invite potential buyers back, share additional information about the house that they may be interested to learn, and invite them back for a second look.

These are Successful Open House Tips for DIY sellers. If you decide to enlist the help of a licensed realtor to help you sell your home, they will have their own methods of doing Open Houses, depending on what has worked for them in the past within your neighborhood.

For more successful open house tips, check out our Home Staging, Home Staging Pictures, and Home Staging Interior Design pages for more ways to maximize your home's appeal.

It's also important to note that NOT ALL PROPERTIES or SELLERS need to have open houses. There are many reasons why a seller and/or real estate agent will elect NOT to have an open house. For instance, if the seller isn't comfortable with lots of people coming in and out of the property, are worried about possible theft of personal property or liability... this should be a conversation to have with any participating real estate agent. Also, is the property located within a gated community?  May not be possible to have a successful open house depending on gate logistics and association rules and regulations. Also, open houses are not always as effective as scheduling private showings. Open houses attract attention. But they don't necessarily attract QUALIFIED, SERIOUS attention. Open houses attract people that may just want to look inside but aren't qualified to buy, or are simply looking at homes to get ideas for decorating their own homes. Open houses are designed to create attention. The seller and their agent must decide how to target the right attention for that particular seller and property.

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